So you two boys have teamed up and started blending your works into one (which look amazing), how did this idea come about?    BEN -  We were at a show at the Steyne (hotel) in Manly last year and got talking after a few beers and decided it would be fun to collaborate and do a show together. We didn’t discuss what that would actually mean at the time - we had no venue / theme / date / idea - we were just fans of each others work and thought it would be fun to do something together. I recently also teamed up with Steve Cohen (@mongofreak) in Melbourne for a show too - I am the old bastard in the team and it is fun working with younger mates whose art , and practice I really admire. So over time everything fell in to place, and here we are.
   So Kenny you’ve looked up to Ben for a long time since moving to Australia, how has getting to know him influenced your art?     KENTARO -  It’s been really good to call someone I have been following for long time as a friend and now doing some good stuff together. Especially process of this dual show, I have worked on the top of Ben’s artwork (or the other way round), I saw his fresh work so closely and was impressed with the style and beauty of his drawing again.  it’s like I have re-learned fundamental, but important things for drawing, like balance of detail, composition and correct figure for human or skull etc again from this process. 
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  Ben you’ve been around this art world for a pretty decent amount of time, do these kind of collab projects keep motivated to continue creating? What would you say has changed the most since you first started getting payed to draw and paint?    B -  Yeah - it is great fun working with friends on projects like this - I used to play in bands when I was in my 20’s - and the underground art scene now reminds of that - people getting together to do shows / gigs / projects - I’d say with the advent of social media and the culture/scene that has emerged in the past 10-15 years, it is much easier to see the work of your contemporaries and inter act with them - so this keeps me really motivated - seeing really cool work and techniques etc. - wants me want to incorporate those attitudes and ideas in my work - and hook up and have a few beers and party!! ha ha - In a broader sense that world has leaked in to the mainstream and it is possible to make living doing illustration and design work that appeals to me - getting paid to do fucked up stuff!!
   It’s been pretty exciting seeing these Rumble artworks come to life and both your styles blend so well together, has it been an easy process? What parts of this project have been the most fun for you both?     K -  I was actually surprised how smooth all process went. we both have worked together on few projects before anyway. We came up with 4 random ideas each, and illustrated half first and passed them to others. It was really fun when stuff came back from Ben or new ideas came from him. and seeing how both of our drawing coming together was really really fun. Apart from that, I had heaps of beers with Ben at local bowling club for last few months and we most likely got wasted and that was other fun part of this collab projects. haha
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  Did you find that you both have super similar techniques while working on this project or did you both look at each other and think “really thats how he does that?”    B -  Yeah - the latter. - When ever I work with other people it is always super interesting to see how we all employ different techniques and work practices to reach similar conclusions and goals. Ken and I work very differently. He thinks more about outcomes - I dive in blindly not knowing what will happen at the other end. Ken is really good at managing and communicating.  We also have pretty different drawing techniques - he likes to do everything on tablets digitally when we are in the early formative stages of things - where I would use paper / pads etc. (old school vs. new school!!) - although I found it really useful working the way we did using tablets to create ideas digitally that we could email between each other and work directly on to the same file etc. - I have started using my wacom a lot more.  When it came to painting the canvases we had pretty different ways of doing things too - but I think that is always the case working with other people. Its a good positive thing - you can learn a lot from it.
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   Have you guys had any physical rumbles? I know Kenny you took on Le’ Grizz in your kitchen in a  mano a mano  sumo match up. Will we see some sumo challenges soon?     K -  Hahaha definitely not. we are always chilling and just down for beers. Hopefully Grizz turns up our show and I will challenge him sumo match up again. 
   Any last words before wednesday night?     K -  Please come and check out our weird but fresh visual experiments and heaps of beers. Then watch state of origin down stairs (downstairs of GOODSPACE is a nice classic pub.)    B -  Come on down and get a beer - check the art - and watch the footy… maybe those NSW boofheads can take it to those upstart Queenslanders!!!
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