1. Where are you from? And where are you at?         From Sydney Australia but currently based in Brooklyn New York.     2. What’s your origin story? How did you become a creative person?      Same as most artists, always loved drawing as a child and throughout high school. I wanted to be a comic book illustrator but ended up randomly taking digital media in University hoping it would get me some work in animation. After Uni I worked in advertising doing motion graphics and design, while still doing personal illustration work on the side. Eventually my illustration work became a little more stylized and I started getting freelance work in illustration and animation.
   3. What’s your favourite tool to work with?        I like working on my computer and usually paint straight into photoshop. If I feel like mixing it up I like drawing in ink and painting with watercolors and gouache.      4. What motivates you outside of art?      I am obsessed with food in general so learning how to cook properly has been a fun experience. Every time I make a dish that isn't terrible I am pretty stoked haha.
   5. What are you working on at the moment?   Any projects in the works?      I am currently working on a series of super short animations about a sneaky snake called Sneak Snake. They are a bit random and strange but it has been a fun little project to work on while I have some down time.
   6. What does your average day look like?     I work full time at a production studio in midtown so any day can be different - we work on a range of things from broadcast ads to online content. I think pitching is one of my favourite things to do because you get to have a go at a creative brief and create pretty style frames to get a client excited about a job.
   7. What’s your favourite project/artwork you’ve worked on?        I think my favourite project so far has been my risograph printed zine 'Within'. It consisted of a series of sequential illustrations that were all a bit moody and simple, but I really liked learning the process behind making a zine, printing in risograph and the final body of work. I am also really enjoying the process of making a personal short animation. It's been a nice experience to use the skills I have learned in my studio job and apply it to a fun story based project.
   8. Tell us a bit about these images. Any good stories?      I tend to make work in a series which is a sort of new thing that has developed. I will think of a super basic concept and apply that to a number of illustrations, for example right now I am drawing a lot of masks because I want to develop my skills in character design a little more. It's a good framework to within if you have creative blocks and need a simple idea to work with.
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