TRAIT  - Okay man I'll just jump straight in to it. No need for the niceties haha. It seems like its the year of the Ape man. You've been killing it. It's great to see you getting all this recognition, it's definitely well deserved.  How do you feel about the last twelve months?   APESEVEN  - Cheers bro,    I am typically not one to look back but now that the question has been posed I would say the last year has been a prolific burst of art work. Making the move from the Northern Beaches to Sydney City has been amazing and fruitful. I guess the main aspect in the ideology of my process was deciding what I truly needed to accomplish and hence a new hunger has developed which I'm stoked about.  Traveling to the US early this year was awesome, getting to paint with people who first got me into the game and cross pollinating ideas was a great experience, already planning another trip for next year to the west coast hopefully for a bigger series of collaborations.  So many aspects of my life has firmly slotted into place and it simply gives me the time to concentrate on what I do best.  recently being invited to do this year's Project 5 is definitely the pinnacle for me so far, to be part of a amazing stable of artists who have preceded me has been an honour.
  T  - Your trip to the northwest of the US looked amazing. You painted some epic work at some really iconic spots. Tell us a bit about the trip, it was kinda like a crazy solo bucks trip yeah?   A7  - The trip was a 2 month escapade doing the 2 things I love painting and snowboarding.  I started in Japan spending the month doing backcountry riding in Hokkaido with 2 of my friends, lots of ramen, lots of powder managing to get some first descents on a few unknown mountains.  I then headed off to Portland in USA to visit my old friend Klutch. We met in Canada in 2001 spending a lot of time riding in the Kootenays BC.  He is one of those cats who was in SF during early Barry Mcgee and KRdays, Klutch is a sick painter and super devoted to image making. He turned 52 this year having 2 heart attacks in the past 8 years, broke as fuck ...but you know what he paints everyday without exception.
 We had planned to paint for 3 weeks, him being a bit of a studio shut in and me mainly to paint murals, we got to paint all over Portland and surrounds hitting abandons in the Oregon forest to Burnside Skatepark in downtown. I painted murals everyday for 3 weeks with him, experimenting with color and collaboration, smoking a bunch and eating a never ending supply of beef jerky.  Burnside is an interesting place ...... lets just say I know now where Skid row came from... we had to go down in a crew while painting the mural just so we had back up against sketchy crackers.  After Portland I headed to Alaska for another 2 weeks of heli in the Chugach mountains. I guess its the pinnacle of any snowboarders riding and it certainly did not disappoint. Gnarliest lines I have ever ridden, definitely one of the last great wilderness areas of the world.  I arrived back home 2 days before I got married to Natalie and in retrospect...... yeah a 2 month bucks party of sorts.
  T  - Hell yeah uncharted mountains in Japan, painting at Burnside, Alaska, that's an epic bucks. Sure beats the stock standard of going to a seedy strip club, being forced to wear a dress and some wanker gets naked or arrested.  Klutch sounds like a really unique character. How did you meet him?   A7  - We met in Fernie, BC Canadaback in 2001. We spent a lot time riding in the Kootaneys and surrounding mountains.   We went our own ways for a while but continued making art on other sides of the pacific. We reconnected when he asked me to be in a few exhibitions in San Francisco and Portland and have been talking since.   T  - It wasn't long after your wedding that you helped out on the 'In the Shadows' project. Such an awesome project, what was your role in making it happen?   A7  -  I asked Sam @ the commune to paint his roller door in Erskenville and while MLON and myself were painting it it Sam told me about his warehouse acquisition and asked me to organise a bunch of artists to come paint it. The photos he showed me made the place irresistable to me and as I soon found out delicious bait for other painters as well.  So I guess I became the curator, organiser and exhibiting artist all in one.  Sam organised food , drinks and keys to get in and basically took 2 weekends to paint all the walls in the warehouse.
  T  - Wow. Thrown in the deep end. But I guess a nice luke warm deep end. Haha. There was some heavy hitters on that line up, some epic walls. And it ran a bit different to a normal exhibition/mural project didn't it? Can you fill us in on how the event ran?   A7  - It started simply as a bunch of us painting a warehouse , bit of an artist   "love in"  really but at the end of it all the walls looked amazing so Sam wanted to have an exhibition for friends, family ... A low key event so that we wouldn't get onto council radar mainly because he wanted to do the next installment of the commune block party without hassles from council.  We got spot lights on the ground for the event with all other lights turned off. So people were in the shadows observing.  The block party was much bigger around 2000 people coming and going during the day with stalls, bands etc.   T  -    So tell us about Project 5, you were painting with some amazing artists on a high profile project. Do you ever get nervous or anxious on gigs like that?  Project 5 is an art event co organised by Darling Quarter and Ambush Gallery in Sydney. Its essentially 2 parts , one an outdoor installation in the Darling Quarter and a live paint component with auction for charity.  This year was Volume 7and artists were Fintan Mcgee, Gemma O'brien, Vans the Omega and myself.  I'm lucky to have started my art career in street art like..... 12 years ago, it makes you impervious to criticism not only from fellow graffiti/street artists but the general public not to mention having your works seen by huge numbers of people. Painting in front of the public comes naturally and doesn't bother me much because I treat every painting I do the same regardless of the context with my main goal to flawlessly execute it.
  T  - We'll you do that well my friend. Haha. Okay last question, we've all seen the posts on instagram of the custom made arrows for your up coming show. Can you fill us in on any more details yet?   A7  - Its early days yet ... but they are part of my new solo show "Infinite Promises"  for early next year. It has been refreshing to work in assemblage coupled with mixed media and has been an amazing source of ideas for ongoing works. The arrows are part of a work titled    "  Words = weapons = DNA ", its the type of work that could be made to infinity or a limited series. I'm still in the process of working out which direction I will pursue.   T  - Hell yeah man. It's sounds great. Can't wait to see this show, your last show was awesome. Thanks for chatting with me man
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